Meet Our Leadership

Nathan Chavez, a highly skilled and dedicated individual, has an illustrious background as a former IDF officer who served in the esteemed Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) unit. In 2017, he co-founded the esteemed Nathan Reclaim LLC, an organization that specializes in asset recovery. With his extensive experience spanning over a decade in the Risk-Management & Chargeback industries, Nathan Geva is a force to be reckoned with in the battle against fraudulent entities and individuals.

As a leader in the field, Nathan Geva and his team at Nathan Reclaim LLC are committed to combating the ever-growing threat of crypto scams and cybercrime. With his expertise as a cyber investigator, he has honed his skills in identifying and tracking down those responsible for these illicit activities.

Nathan Chavez's passion for justice and his unwavering determination drive him to relentlessly pursue those who engage in fraudulent schemes. Through his meticulous approach and strategic thinking, he ensures that no stone is left unturned in the quest for asset recovery.


With his professional demeanor, Nathan Chavez inspires confidence in his clients, assuring them that their interests are in the hands of a capable and experienced professional. His ability to navigate complex financial networks and unearth hidden assets sets him apart in the field of asset recovery.

Nathan Chavez's reputation as a trusted and respected figure in the industry is a testament to his unwavering commitment to combatting fraudulent activities. His contributions to the Risk-Management & Chargeback industries, coupled with his extensive experience in the IDF's Combating the Financing of Terrorism unit, make him an invaluable asset in the fight against financial crime.

Nathan Reclaim LLC is a Registered Business in United States of America (U.S.A.) under the Authority of State of Wyoming

Nathan Chavez LLC is a Limited Liability Company formed or qualified under the laws of Wyoming did on August 30, 2023, comply with all applicable requirements of this office. Its period of duration is Perpetual. This entity has been assigned entity identification number 2023-001322805.

Worldwide Campaign Against Fraud

Work Process

Review your case

As professionals, we suggest that you review your case thoroughly. It is important to conduct preliminary checks to determine if your case can yield a significant recovery, based on our expertise.

Gather the evidence

It is crucial to gather all the necessary evidence and documentation to effectively pursue your case. This includes collecting all relevant information that supports your claims and strengthens your position. By doing so, you can ensure that you have a solid foundation for a successful case.

Confront the entities

It is imperative to systematically address the entities that have played a role in the illegal transfer of your assets. It is important to confront them in order to rectify the situation and ensure that justice is served.

Get your money back

Rest assured that we are committed to our excellent track record and will do everything in our power to ensure the safe retrieval of your funds.

We are not just helping you recover your lost funds, We are making the world a safer place!

Nathan Reclaim Finance provides a comprehensive suite of asset recovery solutions backed by expert business intelligence gathering. Our services match those of large city law firms in terms of skill and experience, combined with cutting-edge case management technology.

Our goal is to create a conducive investment environment. We aim to minimize the incidence of financial losses resulting from fraudulent online activities to the lowest possible level.

As a highly accomplished player in the debt recovery industry, we have garnered numerous adversaries within the realm of financial scams. To safeguard our staff, we are unable to reveal the names and identities of those who offer invaluable aid in our pursuit to retrieve your misappropriated funds and assets.

Our company has a team of professionals, ranging from customer support to lawyers and forensic accountants, who are well-equipped to provide you with the necessary assistance. We can help you from the initial stage of gathering evidence to the final stage of confronting scammers and recovering your money. Our team will stand by you at every step of the process.

As a leading recovery company, we have been providing exceptional services globally since 2010. Initially, we started as a risk management firm before expanding our operations to offer a reliable scam debt recovery service in 2017. Our relentless efforts have enabled us to recover more than $12,000,000 over the past four years, providing assistance to over 6,500 clients in reclaiming their lost funds from scammers. Additionally, we are among the few debt recovery services that have excelled in recovering money from cryptocurrency scams. Our professionalism and expertise make us the go-to company for all your recovery needs.

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