Cecilia J. Aguilar

Cecilia J. Aguilar

Forensic Accountant

Cecilia J. Aguilar provides comprehensive support to clients across a broad spectrum of legal cases, encompassing class action lawsuits relating to bank overdraft fees, litigation involving financial fraud, and legal actions pertaining to employment discrimination. She is actively involved in every facet of the litigation process, diligently researching new cases, conducting thorough intakes with clients and facilitating mass communication efforts.

Before joining Nathan Reclaim LLC, Cecilia J. Aguilar gained valuable experience working for a non-profit organization responsible for overseeing California's power market and the development of its electricity infrastructure. While studying at UC Davis, she made significant contributions to multiple research projects. Notably, her involvement in a study examining the impact of COVID on health outcomes among undocumented immigrants held in state detention centers proved instrumental in supporting an ACLU lawsuit. It was this impactful experience that ultimately inspired her decision to pursue a career within the legal field with the aim of assisting consumers and employees seeking justice against corporate misconduct.

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